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Euna's Chrno Crusade Tv Review

Chrno Crusade

Rated: 8

Chrno Crusade is a full-on anime that is beautifully presented. Although it is a pity that there are bits that may be a little confusing due to its complexity in the story line, it is original and highly enjoyable. In simple words, it’s awesome when it comes to passing time or just for something fun to watch.

The humour throughout the anime, although it gets a lot more seriously gradually, adds to the enjoyment of the viewers. The comedy sometimes, is the best part about this anime. It has a good balance between comedy and solemnity, and is just enjoyable to watch throughout the episodes.

I think this is one of those anime that make you think a little. With all the talk of Christianity and revolution, you really have to wonder whether religion is all that necessary.

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